General Wanker Thread

(I thought the gear wanker thread was the general wanker thread).

Know any general wankers?
Done anything that makes you a general wanker?
This is not about wanking.

Most of my day to day existence, yeah.

Breakfast Wanker on the train with his Bodum bowl of muesli

insist to be the only person to use my toothbrush.

I’m fucking scum, I know.

Always amazed at how well he did in the military


Good god no how did I miss this

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I believe I’m on the guestlist here.

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I went to a cocktail bar at the weekend and it was quite loud and I wanted to be a bit difficult and ask for a cocktail without the egg white and I kind of shouted it
but he stopped me and said “woah that is a high pitched voice”


  • private school
  • St Andrews
  • Oxford
  • Dr
  • Legal professional
  • Hates sports, most TV
  • Snobbish about beer, coffee


+ makes fun of squirrels

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I’d let them live in the house if they wanted to, though.

You forgot the board games

add that to the list

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Can I have a bit more info about what you’re looking for from this thread please Meo?

and the personality

oh shit you can’t see the safety wink[/spoiler]

Et tu, japés?

Him and Corporal Punishment


I just got an email from someone called Mange

does that make me a wanker or him a wanker ? Or both?

(I presume it’s a him)

are you going to reply or are you going to blank mange



(I already replied)