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Probably a stupid question but what’s exciting in London this weekend?

And are there any decent listings websites which will cover shitty gigs in grotty pubs or do I have to live there and follow every venue on (assuming I was on it) facebook to find them?

Thanks in advance for your help and any inventive abuse you can come up with.


If you’re looking to do something with a friend, I highly recommend taking them up the OXO Tower.


[quote=“hip_young_gunslinger, post:2, topic:8290, full:true”]
If you’re looking to do something with a friend, I highly recommend taking them up the OXO Tower.[/quote]
As it happens, my girlfriend is there all week for work and I’m joining her on Friday so this is an ideal suggestion.

I ended up having to get an airbnb apartment. Seems really hard to find a nice semi in London.


Perfect! It’s lovely up there - a bit snug, but you soon get used to it.


It can sometimes take a while to get in, though, but well worth it so just be patient and don’t get cross.


you can do better than a nice semi anyway


Go to this. I thought it was really fucking good.


Don’t believe the hype, I thought it was messy and smelly.

  • China whites
  • M&M’s world
  • Garfunkel’s
  • Stringfellows
  • Spearmint rhino

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this is not even nearly enough - you need to live there and know the cool people in person. no other hope.


These are pretty helpful:

  1. Go to the Royal Festival Hall and go up to the 5th floor. There’s a balcony from which you get great views up and down the river. It’s lovely after dark.
  2. A good website for events (not gigs) is Ian Visits
  3. For gigs, any decent listings site/app should have a good selection but you could also see if you like any of the stuff put on by Baba Yaga’s Hut or Good Vibrations. They both put on lots of gigs in town and post the events on FB.
  4. There are also always fun things on at The Shacklewell Arms. This weekend there’s an Iggy Pop special. Could be fun.
  5. The Moth Club. Gold. Gooooooooold. And fun.


Is the best gig listings for London IMO


Yep enjoyed that. The building was really fantastic. The videos were in general to be of a decent quality although a couple were little more then tech demos