Generic Sauce Provision

Sometimes when you go to a bar or restaurant there’s a range of sauces that they’ll bring your for free. The other week, for example, I went to a bar and they had Franks Red Hot sauce, which they decanted into a small pot. I then used it to dip my fries in.

However sometimes you can only get tomato sauce and mayo. There’s only a generic sauce provision.

Good band name

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i’d imagine this would be provision

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  1. This shouldn’t exist
  2. A glass bottle that small is impractical
  3. When you were young you were the king of carrot ketchup

think you’ve been mugged off here

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how do you know how small the bottle is

could be fou r litres in there

Don’t be a fool

Since Bob Carolgees stopped advertising Hellman’s Mayonnaise all sauces have been dead to me.

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I once made pasta sauce from carrots rather than tomatoes, was well nice tbf

International soft twat

pizza with carrot sauce: yeah alright then
pizza with carrots as a topping: please leave my house.

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Never seen carrots anywhere mear a pizza. Have seen and eaten pizza with broccoli on occasion though

You’re in a restaurant and your food arrives. The waitress asks, “would you like anything else?” What do you do?

  • Say “No thanks”
  • Say yes, but only if there are chips as part of the meal
  • Say yes because you love condiments on everything
  • Make a Dad joke
  • Some other option

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Choices of sauce or choice of dinner?

i like brown sauce with a pie, but normally i have my pie with chips so will automatically be asking for brown sauce anyway

also if having a roast i’ll be asking for horseradish or mint sauce

depends if i would like anything else

On the balance of probabilities though?