Generic TV thread for 2018!

Here’s the old thread (which ended with a poll about whether or not we should start a new thread but then I decided to just go ahead and do it regardless):

This thread is for discussing any show you watch this year, regardless of when it came out. Please take care with spoilers and so on.


Anyway. I’m currently watching so much Drunk History, love love love it! Also need to catch up a bit on Vikings (which I was also talking about in the OP of the last thread!). And The Crown s2.

Anyone seen Gunpowder yet? Is it worth it?

You didnt even wait for a single vote :smiley:


Didn’t want to watch it because of the title, but McMafia was okay. You’ve got to sort of pretend dramas from virtually every other country don’t exist, but if you can do that you’re alright.

only really watching Wormwood at the mo. very good in a ‘all the president’s men’ kind of way.

also slowly working through the wire again but trying not to pay attention anytime mcnulty speaks.

I tried watching Vikings. Yer man is good, but it felt a bit “GoT for people who don’t get GoT” to me.

Currently watching:

  • Lovesick (fine, mostly fancy half the cast)
  • Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
  • The Good Place
  • Star Trek: Discovery (was it @ttf who said it’s very watchable but not very good? Because that’s spot on)

finished a rewatch of fleabag (:heart:) on the iplayer last night and noticed there’s a new series of spiral AKA the best show, so will start that tonight.

other than that, I too have a vikings backlog and should also probs get around to watching that last series of silicon valley

love to hear your opinion on the TV show ““The Vikings””

  • Very Good
  • Good
  • Not Very Good

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Nothing too much going on atm. Will catch up with that Feud thing that was on BBC 2 before Xmas. First episode was fun enough.

Anything we watch this year!

Edit: Should I put that in the OP?

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I’ve become very involved in it, but it’s not Great Television™. It’s pretty silly in some ways but has still managed to get me to this level of involvement so it’s clearly doing something right.

Still not sure about this season after you know who disappeared off the show, though.

On The Crown now, the episode with Lord Altrincham and that whole ordeal. How bloody fast do Charles and Anne grow up this season!? Seems they’re about twice the age now that they were at the beginning of the same season!

Very much enjoying Fargo.

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watched the first ep and i thought it was pretty bad tbh. obviously i hate everything but the tv thought it was pretty bad as well so didn’t bother carrying on.

are you talking about gabriel byrne? thought he was one of the worst things in it somehow :confused: usually like him.


  • It’s good
  • It’s alright
  • It’s bad
  • Want to watch it
  • Not watched it, not gonna

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it took a little while for it to finds its feet in fairness, but yr man ragnar becomes really quite magnetic. and gabe byrne wasn’t great but he does get offed fairly early on

Nah Byrne disappeared a good while ago mate.

You should definitely, definitely try the Norwegian piss-take Norsemen (was filmed in both Norwegian and English and is available over there afaik). Have mentioned it several times, found it really, really funny.

Watching The Sinner, The Good Place and the last season of MIC (I have no shame).

Waaaaaaaay too much


  • Master of None (solo)
  • McMafia (with gf, she loves it)
  • Mindhunter (with gf, she hates it)

To watch:

  • Fargo (S3)
  • The Crown (S2)
  • Godless
  • Blue Planet II final episode
  • Delicious

Watched all of that C4 series ‘The End of the F***king World’ yesterday (their apostrophes). Strange, bleak, absurdist coming-of-age story like a more English, bitter John Green novel in TV series form. It was really weird and there was lots of gory violence worth a watch if only to see what the state of, like, young adult fiction is these days.


guys i think we should switch to month TV threads, what do you think?

  • i think we should switch to month TV threads
  • i do not
  • would that mean only discussing tv shows that aired that month or…?

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