Generic TV thread for 2018!



Yeah, just saw it today. Very good, and further proof that you should never trust any character played by Elizabeth Debicki


anyone got any recs if i loved line of duty?


just finished it last night, it’s fucking brilliant eh?

totally agree about the breaking bad comparison too, hank is hilarious


I loved Barry. I watched the whole thing on a transatlantic trip/flights/hotel and it was great to binge, and then re-watched with the missus who really liked it too.

Massive Noho Hank fan!


Yeah I watched this the other day - crazy that its buried on Now TV


first episode of sharp objects was really great. amy adams is really great.

ffo: bleakness


There isn’t a thread for this yet, so I’ll post here!


It’s 40 (forty!!!) episodes over 5 seasons. Man, I hope they pull it off :slight_smile:


Wait where are you reading that, I thought it was just one eight episode season?


I got tickets for that and they went to my spam folder. Gutted.


Anyone else watching Prison on Channel 4? Last episode was properly harrowing.


Yeah I have been. Didn’t see last night’s though. Tonally it’s a bit weird with the music in the background, and the showy camera work and laddy interaction between the documentary guy and the prisoners. But it makes a change from all the other channel 4 documentaries which all set to be very similar in style/tone.


These castings are all pretty much perfect. Lin Manuel-Miranda will struggle to better Sam Elliott though, he was pretty much the only decent part of the first adaptation. Getting really excited for this now.


I was on a bit of a spree, reading a lot of articles very quickly… it may have been the radio times.


Enjoying Regular Show. 10 minute bursts of absolute nonsense is what I need in my life.


Already a couple of episodes behind but the start of season three of Preacher has been ace!


Really enjoyed The Misadventures of Romesh Ranganathan. First show of his I’ve watched, having only seen him on panel shows before.

Three interesting countries, clever tour guides, good deadpan humour as well as some arch silliness and a lot of good serious observations from Romesh. Highly recommend. Will check out Asian Provocateur now.


Yes, enjoying this too. Jody looks like a Steve Dillon drawing! Amazing casting. It’s totally great.
I’ve saved last week’s episode. Gonna double bill tonight like some kind of hero


Enjoyed these too. Good shout.
The Romesh Talks to Comedians in Cafes, Pubs, And Etc is excellent too. Crying at Daisy May Cooper’s anecdote. Christ.
Not seen Asian Provocateur though so let us know what you think?


Ah I haven’t got that far yet! Only seen the first two episodes but have been thoroughly creeped out by Jesse’s grandmothers presence so far. Gad to hear that there’s plenty of great stuff in store :slightly_smiling_face: