Generic TV thread for 2018!



They are stringing out this milo storyline in hollyoaks


I’m enjoying it even though the main character seemed to totally change his personality after the opening on the train, its definitely not boring at least.


I’ve just seen the first episode of Castle Rock, that Stephen King multiverse thing. Really promising and creepy first ep! Anyone else on board?


Where can I get this? Torrents?


Idk, i’m watching on hbo nordic


Re: Bodyguard:

The thinly-veiled loves this kind of police procedural nonsense. It might be the shitey production (Line Of Duty was booooooooolocks too), but the stilted relationship that yer Scottish man has with his wife makes me think he died on the train at the start and this is some kind of hallucination or something. But that’s definitely me applying brain where none should be.


Mine too. I’d take this ahead of the American shite she watches - criminal minds and cold case etc… - but the folk behind this and line of duty don’t have a scoob how to write a character. Believable? Nah. Acts consistently? Nah. Is illogical and melodramatic? Yep.


Anyone tried the new Jack Ryan thing on Amazon? Basically 24 but with Jim out of the Office. Very uncanny. Decent enough romp though.


there’s literally no way i can get behind krasinski as jack ryan, completely bizarre


In the pilot episode there’s about 20 minutes just set in the CIA office where he’s convinces a colleague to help him out, and it’s so unnerving, I kept expecting him to turn to camera and pull a face.




You know he came very close to being Captain America?


Toni Colette is just pure class.

Wanderlust should have a better male lead but it’s otherwise really good so far.
Plus Zawe Ashton’s costumes are superb.


Killing Eve - I appreciate that I may be a bit behind all you illegal downloaders on this, but we’re now two episodes in and it’s excellent, and as good as all the hype.


Yeah started binging this the other night too and it’s absolutely cracking. Best thing I’ve watched in ages;


His brow was extremely distracting throughout this. |It appeared to be permanently in a state of furrowment, no matter what was going on.


Watched the first 4 episodes of Bodyguard over the weekend. Thought the first couple of episodes where it was a relatively plausible set up about an authoritarian home secretary and terrorists was better than the politician dying and it moving in to a big conspiracy thriller. Still enjoying it however and think Richard Madden is v good.


Just finished this, agree with @parm too: best thing on TV for ages by a long way.


Started watching Killing Eve yesterday. LOVE IT. :heart_eyes:


The line about the rat and the can of coke!