Generic TV thread for 2018!



I’ll not watch. I don’t get he premise. Anyway we don’t like Matthew Weiner.


I can’t be bothered to head over the the Netflix thread but I think I’ve liked both series of big mouth. I seem to have watched each series in one or two sittings.

I need to watch another new cartoon but can’t remeber what it was.

Has anybody watched the new American horror story. I’ve not really been into any of them since the lady gaga series and have given up on them since that one but I really liked murder house so I’ll watch this one and hopefully not have to give up.


This show has been excellent so far - Jim Carrey is really good in this (I think he’s always pretty darn good!)

The latest ep was brilliant, i especially loved the big FUCK YOU to Viv from the Pickles - plus the lads bonding over the dog show

check this show out if you haven’t watched yet


Want to watch Twin Peaks for the first time. Is it (and The Return) available on any of the main streaming services? Or am I just better off ordering this:

Would ask in the main thread but don’t want to see spoilers.




Sally4Ever - anyone watched it?
Only seen the first one so far and it was great but best of all my wife recommended that her mum should watch it (before we saw the episode) and besides everything else their is some lesbian anal rimming in it.

@roastthemonaspit must have watched it


Thank you this is handy, what site is it from?

Edit - Wrong message.


Not Sally4Ever - that is on Sky Atlantic (or maybe I found it on a torrent site) but for streaming it is this one:


Ive seen the 1st 2 eps

I love a bit of Jula Davis me


You guessed correctly, only seen first episode though.


Any of you dorks watched Stath Lets Flats (I’ve not read the thread)?

It’s totally great.


Following on from another thread…anyone else a fan of “Hunted”? Celebrity version isn’t as good though, because:

  1. They have a camera crew with them, rather than filming themselves. Not only is that a bit pampered, but also its just logistically a pain to have to consider where the crew is at all times.

  2. The hunters are definitely slacking off. Missed opportunities to get pretty much all of them already. The fact that Chris and Kem are still on the run does not reflect well on them.


Watched all of Homecoming and thought it was OK. I liked the guy playing the soldier and it had some nice stylistic directing but even at 30 minute episodes the plot felt pretty stretched.


This week’s episode might be a shark jumping moment.


I’ve not seen celebrity hunted - but I’m pretty sure the contestents of regular hunted have a camera person following them round (as well as filming themselves)

It’s the camera people who dob them in when they use an atm or go somewhere that might have CCTV - cos the makers of hunted don’t actually have access to any of that stuff


Really enjoyed the first two episodes of The Little Drummer Girl. The whole thing looks gorgeous, love all the colours and the woozy camera and weird focus shifts. Pace is really good too. I love Park Chan Wook so this was always gonna do the business for me. The small touches of weirdness and humour work really well and make it stand out from your standard primetime dramatic fare.

Top performances too. Not sure exactly what Michael Shannon is doing, but I’m definitely in to it.


yeah I really like it


i managed to sneak on an episode at work. her talking about feelings made a change from the usual car crash noise ambience of channel quest in the restroom. it went down surprisingly well.


jim robinson is coming back to neighbours


omg, new Luther - I love this stupid show :smiley: