Generic TV thread for 2019


New year; new thread.

So far I’ve watched Them ABC Murders with the old Poirot, the new year’s Doctor Who and the first episode of the new Luther.

I enjoyed them all despite them all being a bit silly in their own way.


Started watching The Marvelous Mrs Maisel and it’s the best thing I’ve seen in ages.

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What’s good about it? I’ve heard a lot of chat but not sure I CBA


It’s hilarious, the main character is very likeable, it all looks nice because it’s set in 1958 New York, good supporting cast.


Testing the water for a rolling hollyoaks thread

  • I’d like to register my interest in a rolling hollyoaks thread
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Looking forward to Lufa, got that taped and the ABCs (which I am looking forward to much less).


Gonna watch this to further increase my knowledge of Irish history (from its 0% base) & reduce my foot in mouth incidents


Guess I’ll have to clog up this thread then

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I have never watched Luther, will this matter for the new series?

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Was very disappointed with the ABC Murders. Luther was enjoyable in a Luther way.


No, not really. It’ll give you a better idea about him as a character and his relationships with people. But there aren’t really any series straddling storylines

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I refuse to watch John malkovich as poirot, can’t really justify it, I just refuse.


Probably not critical, but I’d highly recommend watching the previous ones first because they’re ace and the recurring characters will mean more to you.


Considering Suchet is Poirot in everybody’s mind, it meant it was even harder to watch

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I actually really liked him as Poirot, but I wasn’t a Suchet fan so didn’t have any nostalgic attachment.

The story was very good, but it went on a bit too long and then managed to be a bit rushed at the end.

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how’s Nancy going


At one point she joined forces with arch enemy sienna to get revenge on Darren for getting back with Mandy, missed a few episodes so not sure what happened with that


She died in a car crash with the murderer and the stalker, just after the gangster burned down the pub he was blackmailing when he saw a text message about someone being pregnant.


Oh and she recently started fostering the daughter of her sisters murderer, hollyoaks first autistic character


It’s strange that as well as playing Poirot they’ve both been in a film where they’ve hijacked a plane.