Generic TV thread for 2019

oh fuck… this might actually be good?


I’d assumed it’d be rubbish

Fuck, I’m nervous now

PLEASE be good


Didn’t realise HBO were involved. Was expecting Dr Who-esque production values, maybe kinda excited for it now (it will definitely disappoint me though, since I’ll expect nothing less than for it to be as good as the books)

Gf’s reading it atm, and I was saying it’s kinda weird how it’s not been properly adapted yet, on account of the sheer amount of great action set pieces already written in the books.

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did anyone else watch boardwalk empire when it was on? rewatching now, and its still very good on a second viewing.

I’m Margaret Schroeder!
Got halfway through the second series and just stopped watching, I have no idea why as I was enjoying it.
Henry :heart:


watched the last episode of big bang theory, got emotional, had buffy in it

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Murder Case on BBC (Scotland? iPlayer). Follows a real-life police investigation in to a disappearance/murder. Really really good.

I finished S2 and like you I enjoyed it but I just had no drive to watch any more. I think it was just too slow and deliberate? I’m all for a gradual build to a big moment, but this has like 10 hours of build to 1 hour of action - just not enough reward for me.

Do keep thinking about going back to it given how good Kelly McD was, Charlie being a boss and Michael Shannon being the most intense man ever. Also top opening credits

this was really really good by the way - it’s only 2 hours but it is a really good behind the scenes about the investigators and victims behind really awful crimes. without spoilering, the major concluding scene in the second epsiode is just stunning.

Nicolas Winding Refn’s Amazon show is out today. Really looking forward to it as I am firmly in the ‘he’s a genius’ camp rather than ‘he’s a pretentious wanker’ camp (though I am also a little bit in the second camp too).

Find it quite amusing that they screened two episodes from the middle of the series at Cannes rather than the opener:

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oooo, did not know about this

ta - I’m undecided if he’s any good or not but I fucking love Drive

I love Drive, really like Bronson and The Neon Demon and thought Only God Forgives was total nonsense. 3/4 is very good going by my standards.

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oh yeah - Bronson is good (forgot about that and the Neon Demon was also decent)

I did not care for Only God Forgives - and the one about Vikings he did with Mads Mikkelsen was shiiiit

I think Pusher was ok, I can’t really remember it

I’ve just watched the first two episodes of The Romanoffs on Prime. It’s a thingy series. A you know. Anthology show.
Seems to be vaguely connected (maybe) stories about the descendants of the actual Romanovs. Matthew Weiner (Mad Men man) did it.
Seems good and rather classy so far. I like it. Long episodes too, I’m quite enjoying the slight change of pace.

He seems insufferable, but I heard he’s been good at getting some little-known films available to watch on streaming services or something

Did you know he did an episode of ITV’s Marple back in the day? It’s probably common knowledge but I was watching some episodes with her indoors the other day and his name popped up and I thought, “what a coincidence, he has the same name as the Drive fella!”

Pretty good episode anyways.

I didn’t! He’s a jack of all trades clearly

He was almost bankrupt apparently. It’s made me pay attention to the credits of tv shows anyways just in case Chan-Wook Park did an episode of Midsomer Murders or something.

I watched the 1st episode of series 2 of Big Little Lies the other night (it’s entertaining trash ok?) and it was directed by Andrea Arnold

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Just finished The Good Fight Season 3.

Anyone else up to date on this? @guntrip or maybe @roastthemonaspit ?

I have to say it trailed off a lot in the final few. Felt like they didn’t really know what they wanted to achieve for any of the characters particularly. The quality is still way above The Good Wife but I didn’t really feel myself wishing Season 4 was available right away.