Generic TV thread for 2019

Anyone started that Too Old to Die Young series yet? 2 episodes in, it’s obviously super slow and minimal on dialogue but looks gorgeous (particularly episode 2).

Long episodes though, both I’ve watched thus far are an 1h30+ :scream:

Danny Boyle did an Inspector Morse back in the day, it’s worth seeking out, he has Morse go to a rave. It’s called Cherubim and Seraphim…


the guitarist on bill fay’s early records and a bunch of other weird english 70s folk jazz albums did the theme for touch of frost

Wasn’t aware this was a thing but as a pretty solid apologist for Refn’s recent output I’ll have to check this out…

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If you like his recent stuff you’ll like this, definitely elements of Drive, Place Beyond the Pines and Neon Demon in it so far. With the pacing of it it’s probably not one to binge as well, found myself in the 2nd episode taking breaks every couple of scenes (which tend to last at least 15/20 minutes).

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FAO @Rarity

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Yeah I saw this. That is some absolutely banging casting.

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It really is, she immediately looks like how I imagined Moiraine

Can someone with NowTV please tell me if the new (season 3) episodes of Legion are on there? :angel:

Next week apparently

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Anyone watched Gentleman Jack?
Worth a watch? Good for a Sunday, maybe?

One episode in. I liked it a lot. Slightly daunting task to do 9 more but I’m onboard.

I liked it. it’s not brilliant, but suranne jones strides about shouting at people and being fun. lots of shagging and scenery.

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Everyone will just compare it to Stranger Things (which is fair, although I think the comics started before), but this is still :100: news.


Can’t wait for this but if this follows the comic closely the budget will surely be bigger than even LotR?

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This is dreadful, Arnold deserves a hell of a lot better


Yeah just don’t see it doing it justice

Who the hell is going to pay for this?

Brexit supporters who love the name Britbox?