Generic TV thread for 2019


I found that and the one with the twins who attacked the people working in the office pretty disturbing. I didn’t think the new series was too bad to be honest, better than the last one anyway.


might watch Sharp Objects. Anyone seen it?


yeah. it’s brilliant imo. probably the best sense of atmosphere I’ve ever seen on the telly


Got to the part in Northern Exposure where Joel leaves. End of an era!!! :sob: goodbye Fleischman :sob: :heart:


Probably best to skip to the our town ending now


think i’m determined to see it through to the end, even though i know it’s painful


Have Chris and Maggie got together yet?


I am so old that Peter Ustinov is Poirot-Prime for me, although I always did enjoy Suchet’s bootleg version.


Our complete watch of The Good Wife has got to Season 5 and it’s fair to say it’s finally KICKED OFF! Our daughter is away with the grandparents and it was like 35C yesterday or something so we just kicked the air con on and binged.

Anyway, finally they’re doing more long-running stories and they have some actual meat to their character stuff. On the other hand there’s a character who fucks up and turns bad in the opening few episodes and surprise surprise, it’s a non-white character again. This show is terrible for using people of colour in antagonistic roles.


Fucking Black Lake season 2… the first one was pretty fun but this one is so boring. Just a bunch of miserable people shuffling around an island (bit like the UK, eh? Eh? ahahahahahahaha).

Five episodes in and three to go. My wife won’t let us quit.


what are the big tv shows nowadays?


not a fan of all this chris and maggie stuff at all, it’s too soon. TOO SOON!


imagine the writers were like, they are the roughly the same age, that’ll do.

in real life when people I know who have been in the same circle for ages get together I always think that’s just like chris and maggie in northern exposure


especially considering he’s been extremely creepy towards her and been rebuffed several times.

man these last few episodes are rough. love how they just invented an italian demographic in the town so that the new doctor could have a few lines about goodfellas. a reunion seems to be gathering actual steam:



Hmm, not sure how I feel about that. Reckon Maggie would be as rightwing as Janie Turner by now. And Ruth is dead, good for Darren Burrows though, I backed his kick starter for book and documentary, seems like he is a bit sad stuck in the past


yeah bless him. was about 6 years of his life tbf. he does pop up in the x files though! is the book worth a go? does he talk about how rob morrow and janine turner were a total nightmare?


don’t think I ever got round to reading it, might start now


Escape At Dannemora anybody?

who’s my boy


Is it good? Think I’m going to start it this weekend.


Well it took me 8 months but I finally watched all 110 episodes of Northern Exposure. Great shame that Joel and Maggie couldnt make it work in the end but they’re ultimately very different people. Sad but life goes on :sob: