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Sun’s out and I can see a hot air balloon from the bus stop

How are you all?


Bus just went around the corner and there’s five of them!

This is now the hot air balloon thread


Morning! Bit tired after a long time of waking and not going back to sleep at 3 this morning. Nonsense.

Anyway, ready to smash hump day and then it’s rolling into the weekend right?


Looks familiar





Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


This one was floating over Leytonstone this morning


Morning all :wave:

It’s a proper Bill Withers of a day this morning. In my new effort to some exercise every day, I might take a walk through the park after the school run.

I read some article yesterday saying that we’d all be back to working in an office full-time within two years. Fuck that. Who wants to be wearing a suit on a day like this?



Today will mainly be a travel day as I leave this behind

(Picture taken at 6:45am)



Sorry BITT, looks like the other thread is the winner.

How are you meant to sleep in this weather?

Just went here for my breakfast omg


Oh no London Bridge why do you have a big diversion to get to the Jubilee line

I now cannot get into the office because my manager is in a meeting and there is no receptionist. Good start to my First Day In An Actual Office.

Funny looking fish


No air balloons in Brighton today. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one here? Maybe they don’t go here in case they get swept out to sea.

Anyway, it looks like quite a nice day out. Nothing to report other than that - too many meetings as per, but hopefully I’ll have time at lunchtime to pop out and get the bits we missed in the weekly shop

Update: someone let me in. Now waiting several anthropocenes for my laptop to boot up.

Very doughy

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Right, that’s it

I’m quitting the boards

For an hour

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Curtains open, fan on, lie still until I pass out. Then get up when the sunlight wakes me, close the curtains, go for a wee, and hopefully doze off. (It’s not foolproof but the open curtains are a game changer)

Someone went past my house on an e-scooter, blasting grime on their phone, at 4.38 this morning. In the morning. Am.

The birds were making a racket by then, of course, so I’ve not really been back to sleep.

A few years ago I went to Luxembourg on the first stage of a holiday and it was 34 shitting degrees Celsius. I was staying in a hostel with no air con. It did cool down at night until it was only 25 degrees (the room having been in the full force of the sun all afternoon).

The only way to sleep was to get a large, cold bottle of water from the vending machine and cuddle it until I was cool enough to sleep.

I also found in last year’s heatwave that playing rain noises on YouTube helped me sleep.

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