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On top of the general difficulty of sleeping when it’s warm and getting light at 4am, I always wake up with sore/stiff feet during warm weather.

Idiot cats have injured a young blackbird (seems okish…) and looking online nobody wants to know. Not the RSPB, RSPCA, or the local wildlife trust so have put in a shoebox in the garage with food and water.
My success rate historically with nursing birds back to health is currently 0% so…please don’t die?

Heavily considering pissing off to the seaside at some point this week, my first pfizer jab has made me brave and I’ve taken a few train trips this weekend so one to the seaside seems like a perfectly cromulent thing to do



Think I might walk down to pelicano to get beans and see if they give me a free coffee

urg. heat and arm being annoying kept me up half the night. showering this morning was fun as well. going out tonight so hopefully beer will help me sleep better (it wont, it never does.) can’t even get out of working ffs, what’s even the point of being injured.

drinking hot coffee coz iced is too much effort.


Good luck with that one. When they were doing a web offer for 20% off beans the other week I went in and tried to get it in person and got turned down.

Still the best coffee place though.

Oh, and in the Lewes road branch they’ve started offering two sorts of beans to get your coffee made with - Smoky Bird and whatever the latest roast is, so I had a nice Brazil flat white I was in

That used to be Thursday but I suppose you’ve got to take your chances when you get them.


They’ve given me a coffee a few times when I’ve bought a big bag (I never ask). Fingers crossed

Those croissants had better be as big as they look for £2 each.

Did you fracture your elbow?

When I did mine, it was really difficult finding a way of sleeping that involve being uncomfortable.

Ah yeah, you buy by the kilo, don’t you? Maybe I’m just too much of a cheapskate only buying the small bags :wink:

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yes and ho

Apologies if you’ve already seen this but the RSPB directs people to the RSPCA or local vets/wildlife rescue. The details are under the Who to contact section: What To Do If You Find An Injured Bird - The RSPB

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I would argue im the cheapskate - the small bags add up quickly

morning troops

got a meeting with a new starter in the office as their buddy, but from a call i’m on right now, it’s rather clear they’re more experienced than i am in the particular area.

Youd think the boffins would have made a proper breathable raincoat by now

I’m getting my first vaccine today! Probably won’t see any hot air balloons though, which is a shame because I absolutely love them. Also, so much work to do right now, oh my word.


Didn’t get a free coffee

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where do people buy bags from? just want something that’ll fit like a laptop and pair of trainers and wont fall apart in two weeks. do i have to become one of those fjalraven people? other bags are available?

My wife bought me a nice black fabric backpack off Asos which has held it together for a good few years now.

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