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If anyone’s having a bad day, it might cheer you up to know that my colleague just ended a department-wide call with an accidental “Love you, bye”


just got sent a free European Youth Card by the Xunta de Galicia as a reward for being well behaved during the pandemic and protecting the elderly, but I can only use it until I’m 31.


had a nice patagonia rucksack for like…8 years now and its still fine, so them maybe?

don’t think i want people thinking i’m some sort of climbing wanker though

Just asked my friend if we could reschedule our dinner date for next week and they’ve seen the message but not replied yet and now I feel bad and too guilty might uncancel argh

Why does everyone always want to meet at 8?! By 8 o’clock I wont have eaten for over 6 hours and I’ll be hangry.

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two hours before the feasting hour, right. rather turn up around 10pm and get stuck in.

I want to be in bed by 11, pal :love_you_gesture::sunglasses::love_you_gesture:

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Weather’s a bit wild here tonight. This greeted me when I opened the app

Current conditions have quite the ‘feels like’

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Halloumi and harissa flatbread for lunch. Delicious. Could have been a bit heavier on the harissa, but a solid meal overall


Guess which idiot had left the fridge+freezer off overnight (“briefly” turned it off yesterday while I was cleaning the fridge and leaving it open for a while")

:slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

didn’t realize Burial had some new stuff out.

fucking choooooon.

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Rain’s on

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This is the first year I am sleeping with earplugs AND an eye mask (and fan and open window obvs)

I had two calls this morning saying my national insurance number is being frozen due to ‘criminal activity on the northern border of Wales’. When I got put through to an operator the second time, i demanded to be taken off their list, at which point the lady got indignant. “Who are you?” She demanded. “No, who are you?” I replied. “Shut up” she said before hanging up on me. Think HMRC need to put their call centre staff through a customer services crash course tbh.


had so much of this lately. A FRAUD CASE HAS BEEN OPENING BY THE DWP BECAUSE OF YOUR NATIONAL INSURANCE NUMBER… OR SOMETHING. surely they could at least make their scams make some sort of sense.

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I’m listening to the Bullitt soundtrack while I’m on my lunch break. Nobody would mind if I left it on when I join my 1 o clock call, would they?

Nature is healing iykyk


Did a seagull shit on your napkin


Being tested on my ability to make Bavarian Cream this afternoon. Hope I make it out in time to get to the cinema to see Shiva Baby.