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Yes. It’s not tahini.

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Just got Pfizered! Now I’m sitting in a sports hall like I’m having an exams dream. Also hi @blimeycharlie I’m round the corner from you!

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6am-8pm :smiley:

9pm-4am :sweat:

i mean i can’t sleep for shite either but right now is like the absolute peak. my flat has like four full length glass windows.

also, hiya

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Hiya :wave:

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My pals are in Glasgow for 1 night only before they head on to start the West Highland Way. Feels sorta like normality.

Took half a day so thats me :wave:

Actually ready but not leaving til 2 so gues ill hang around

dissers during winter:

dissers during summer:


Oh no the weather is perfect for park cans…pathetic

It’s been drizzling in NW Glasgow this morning.

I think you’ll get a very wet bottom if you want to partake of park cans.

My elderly friend is the worst for this, all Winter “it’s too cold” but when we finally get some sunshine it’s ‘too hot, unbearable’ :unamused:

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  • get these running shoes
  • don’t get them

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I saw Lalo Schifrin perform at the Barbican a few years ago (just looked it up – it was 2008!). Can’t remember whether he played Bullitt but the encore was – obviously – Mission: Impossible. I had a sneak preview of this from my seat in the front row at the very edge of the stage, when the musician turned over her sheet music and I saw the words Mission: Impossible at the top.

Also, he hadn’t played it by that point. So it was pretty much nailed on to appear.

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Nothing beats his funk version of Jaws though


You had me at

I’m pretty much all for outrageous running shoes or football boots as long as you’re confident the fit and padding is good.

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