Genesis Owusu

Never heard of the guy before, but one of his songs came up in my Discover Weekly, and played the handful of other songs on his Spotify page and liking this a lot.

Reply predictions: One, and it’s Phil Collins related.

Debut album out today

Thanks @littlebirds for the heads up


Really enjoyed it on first listen! A fair amount to digest, as it doesn’t stay in one place very long, but certainly a lot of good stuff on there.

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Randomly showed up on my Spotify homescreen last night and gave it a listen, sounded quite interesting. May go back to it at some point.

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This is properly great


Oh wow this is ace


Fully on board the Genesis Owusu hype train. Hearing loads of acts that I love; Death Grips, Anderson Paak, Yves Tumor.

Only half way through my first listen but it’s making me really happy so far.


this is hot shit


Ignore Death Grips. That was literally just the first track.

Edit: Oh and Whip Cracker a little bit

Should probably just finish listening to the album tbh

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I’ve got this queued up for later in the day. You guys better be right or I’ll sulk!

Hadn’t heard of this guy either - thanks for the tip DiS!

Just finished a first play through and that was genuinely brilliant. The fact a song like Black Dogs! can be 4 tracks away from a track like No Looking Back… and it still works?! Some wildly different styles but I was hooked throughout. Best thing I’ve heard in ages.

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Yeah I like this too

I expect the hype to tip into crushing disappointment and backlash somewhere around lunchtime

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Don’t say that, this is the first time I’ve started a thread on the music board that’s gone well.


Sorry - Genesis Owusu is now cancelled


I know someone in real life whose surname is Owusu. They are a nice person, and this is a niiiiiice album. The Owusus align.

Good tip-off. I am bought into the Genesis Owusu hype.

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second listen, it’s excellent

Except that horrible Springsteen nonsense Drown

One of my favourite tracks! Such differing opinions Isn’t the human condition amazing?

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