Genesis Reunion?

People are believing this band to be Genesis

16 & 17 Nov. Dublin
19 & 20 Nov. Belfast
23 & 24 Nov. Liverpool
26 & 27 Nov. Leeds
30Nov & 1Dec. London
2 & 3 Dec. Manchester
5 & 6 Dec. Birmingham
7 & 8 Dec. Glasgow
11 & 12 Dec. Newcastle


Should’ve called it an exclusive Revelation.

Because the Book of Revelation


Be funny if they died before the tour went ahead

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My mates uncle works at radio 2 and he says it’s Vagabond

As in that shit band nobody has heard of but radio 2 pretended were a going concern

Ok I admit it, I’m just seeing if anybody else was irked by this rubbish back in 2010

Iiiiiii can’t dance
Iiiiiii can’t breathe
Phil Collins and his band, RIP


Bet it’s 10©©

Clues in the capitals. It’s Seal and Adamski!

Oh meh gerrrd

Our lips are sealed…Fun Boy Three!


Also, that ‘is’ is really annoying.

I hope they’re not meaning this literally like Richard Bacon did. Unless its TAD.

Sorry to spoil all your parties but it’s Brother Beyond.

I’d be well up for going to a Genesis concert.

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Me too!

Imagine if Oasis announce a reunion on Radio 2.



ihope they have a lovely time reuiniting, whoever they arw.

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My parents went to the Leeds date of this tour. I could hear it in our back garden nearly 3 miles away, which ignited a massive fandom of Genesis aged 8. Had a copy of this show on VHS that a family friend recorded for me off Sky. After then I begged my parents for a drum kit.

I’d love to be able to see them live, genuinely.


No Peter Gabriel: no thank you!