Genesis Reunion?

It’s ok. Collins may have awoken from his slumber - just as the prophecy foretold - but I can ignore him and this tour. No cause for alarm.

Unless my old man fails to drag any of his buddies to go see them. I can’t say no to him - he spends all his days caring after my dear old mum. He deserves to go. I’m sure he’ll find someone else to go with though. Positive.

Why is my eye twitching?


Turn It On Again is one of my favourite tunes of all time.


The Collins-led Genesis and his solo albums were on constantly in my house when I was a kid. My mum loved all of it.

Also this has just reminded me that someone I know lives in Ray Wilson’s old flat in Edinburgh. They occasionally get post addressed to him.




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Phil Collins doesn’t look in good health :cry:

Neon Genesis Evangel-i-on-again


Will they be doing the hits?

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I dread to think how much a ticket will cost for these shows!

I would love to see Genesis live. It’s going to be eye wateringly expensive though.

I was hoping Chester Thompson would still be on the drums because he’s awesome. No idea if Phil Collins’ kid is any good.

Daryl Stuermer on guitar will be awesome.

How much do we think a ticket will be?

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Phil’s son Nic was great on the solo tour I saw in 2018.

Seems really weird to think that 20 years ago she was doing the Radio 1 Breakfast show at a time when Genesis touring would have likely been a subject of jokes and now here she is.

Apparently the gorilla from the Cadbury’s advert will be their tour drummer.


But when are we getting a Mike and the Mechanics reunion?


Will Tony Banks play anything off his album Banks Statement?

They were my first ever gig in 1983 at the NEC, 15 yr old me bloody loved it! Saw them again in 1987 at Wembley. Then my tastes began to change, although I still like the old Gabriel era stuff.

Zero desire to see the old gimmers again even though I’m in my 50s and judging by that picture Collins might not be long for this world!

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Yeah fuck that i’m not paying £150 for a ticket. I imagine that they’ll record it to make even more ££ so can live with that really.

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Mike and the Mechanics are actually still touring :metal:


I knew this would happen