Is there anything fun to do here? It’s very expensive.

Quite a famous convention, probably gets all the best sci fi stars


It means nothing to me!


It’s a pleasant place to spend time but there’s not masses there. It’s also unbelievably expensive. The jet d’eau is cool though.

I’ve spent around 3 months of the year there every year since 2015

Short answer: no

Longer answer: maybe, if you have :moneybag:

More serious answer: the Lebanese place DB mentioned is the best value food you’re gonna find. Cafe du Soleil is really good for fondue. It’s nice to walk around the old town for a bit, have a look at the old town hall and the nice buildings there. Plainpalais is a young area and there’s often some arty stuff going on around there, maybe also at L’Usine. Plainpalais is probably your best bet for a beer too. Carouge is meant to be nice for a stroll and a coffee but I’ve never been.

Geneva’s actually alright in summer but I guess so many people are skiing or huddled away inside so winter can be a bit dull.

not really. what sort of budget do you have (i.e spending money per day ?)

you could get a bus to chamonix or train to interlaken and realise you can’t afford to do anything there either

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I’m actually here for work so thankfully I don’t have an awful lot of free time. I saw a good mountain from the plane, that was alright.

Decent record shop here. I bought an obscure Big Black bootleg thing last time I was there then left it on the train on the way home.

If you can afford to go, and are not a veggie then Relais dEntrecote does the best steak frites I’ve ever had. About 50 quid per head…

I tried to go out there on a Monday evening as I was passing through. Absolutely dead.

Seem to temember it being nice and enjoyable enough to just wander around in the daytime though. Nice trams too.

Pretty sure there are a couple of them in London, much cheaper too.

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Airports full of businessmen.
The train route round lake geneva is v scenic.

Thats all ive got, sorry.