Genius move, these new boards


I bet “Lists Of Fish Puns” is still trawling (heh) in 50K hits a year, so OldDiS looks like an explosion in an advertising agency

Meanwhile, NewDiS is clean and user-friendly.

Just nobody make any good threads, 'kay?


We’re through the looking glass here people


I’m not getting any ads like that on NewDiS. Just a couple of unintrusive bars at the header.


#untaggable, that’s what you are,
#untaggable, though near or far


Well lucky you


it’s untaggable because it turns it into a


Weird - you’re on Chrome too. Your security certificate thing looks different to mine, as well


I knew therw was an ulterior motive




I know, what a #dweeb :upside_down:


NewDiS seems buggier since that ad appeared. It’s no longer loading big threads automatically for me, and I keep having to refresh, which is annoying.


Yep same for me


Yeah, his security certificate is bust, I’m not sure he’s very… @safebruv


FWIW if you guys with the bad ads have that slash through your security certificate can you click on it and see what the issue is.

What I find is that if I’m not logged in, I get a MAAAHOOOOSSSIVE advert but as soon as I log in, it goes away.


There you go, i’m logged in too


Yeah could see your icon in the top right so knew the login had worked.

I wonder if you can delete the certificate and make it reinstall?


When would you call the Police to report someone missing?

I’m not arsed mate




I’m alright with the red bit, i’m not deleting certificates or owt