Genres that seem to have shifted in meaning

i would say Paramore messed with the definition more in the first place

Sure Sure
The Beaches
young friend
Jo Hill

I guess indie pop is still big in Bournemouth and Watford

Weezer school of emotional punk-rock. I preferred when it was called Sugar-Metal tqbh (miss you Radish!)

“public library commute” en route to do some Shopping and Dry Cleaning before a nice evening in front of the Public Access TV?

Post Rock


I feel this way about Post-Punk, less so about Post-Hardcore. Then again there are always varying interpretations in different regions.

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Post rock to an old guy like me still means bark psychosis and tortoise. I do understand that this is incorrect though.

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Metalcore no longer seems to be cool chaotic stuff like Botch and The Chariot. It now seems to feature generic chugga-chugga riffs in the verse followed by an anthemic chorus.

I remember the breakdowns of my youth!

Math rock has shifted. It used to be more Don Caballero, Slint and Cap’n Jazz, but nowadays it can be pretty much any kind of rock music which is outrageously tight and full of weird time signatures.

Loaf Eye is a very different genre, connected to Bread Tube.

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I thought people just tended to say something was ‘mathy’ now?


Yeah, that seems to be common. “They’re a bit mathy” rather than “they’re math rock.”

Because of Foals?

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I remember calling Minus the Bear’s debut math rock, but really it was just mathy. Subsequent albums were just lightly mathy.

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Interesting. For MTB and Foals (both great albums), the rhythms are slightly complex and they use that kind of high-E string clean guitar melodies (that requires holding your guitar high!), but there are not many weird time signatures. So those melodies seem “mathy” to me rather than “math”.