Gentlemen of DiS, do you own a suit bag

i’ve got some cheap and cheerful one i got with a suit years ago but have a few weddings/business trips coming up and was thinking of getting a nice leather one.
so suit bags:

  • fuck sakes man, you need a smart suit bag
  • just stick it on a hanger and who really gives a fuck
  • fuck off you tory c**t

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I’ll vote in your poll when you sort it out Lopes :wink:

I have 2 but they came with the suits. Always use them if I’m travelling with said suit though.


I’ve got a suit on a hanger with a bin bag over the top, but I’m a ridiculous fucking slob who never wears anything smarter than a denim shirt 99.999% of the time. Maybe this isn’t the thread for me.


nice poll you have there

  • Suit bag that I bought for money
  • Suit bag that came with the suit
  • The plastic-y cover thing from the dry cleaners
  • No covering

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Got 2 from when I got the suits. Hang them up in the wardrobe. No need for a snazzy one imo.

Yeah fuck knows what I did there

I was given one as a present once. was a proper wayne’s world gift, that one.

“a suit bag… a suit bag. I don’t even own *a* suit, let alone many suits that would necessitate an entire bag.” etc


You know Japes, if you’re not careful, you’re going to lose me.


If I need one I buy one. Got a couple of Moss Bros ones for cheap like a fiver each or something. Does the job spot on.

what are the benefits of a fancy suit bag?

Lord it over the plebs while you swan past them in the easyJet speedy boarding lane.


you can pretend there’s a suit inside it


Easier to carry and keeps the suit more crumple free. Obviously your suit getting a bit crumpled is nothing an iron can’t fix but minimising that shite is always worth it.

State of this.


Shit you not that’s the one I’m looking at :grinning::+1:


:face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting:

Pretty much what Eps said :grinning:
And I’m a massive Tory

You gonna get it monogrammed?

I think you need to personally.


Well I’ll fuckin have to now :wink: