Gentlewomen of DiS, do you own a "delicates" laundry bag

You should, you know. The underwires on bras can fuck up your washing machine. And you know, delicate delicates keep better etc.

This is like reverse sexism? If I’d asked the men if they had a suit bag there’d be an outrage!


This is a serious question by the way, a lot of people seem to not bother with these

Yep bought one for the gf, never used it

Never knew you were a gentlewoman


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My girlfriend handwashes her ‘delicates’…

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Several. Use them for bras, tights, anything that might catch/get caught on other stuff and also socks so i don’t have to hunt around trying to pair them up, they’re all in the same place.

My girlfriend handwashes her bras.

The GF has one and it does stop underwires fucking up jumpers and stuff.

Now, if we can just stop putting tissues in the wash we’ll be laughing.

Yes, my wife has two that I bought her after a specific request.

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i have a *delicatessen* bag i don’t

:confused: this is a thing? Man, I’m really out of touch when it comes to bags.

None of my delicates are very delicate either.


Thanks for clearing that up

You should defo get one for your bras!

Did she just use a carrier bag before that?

Ya reckon? Because of the wire thing? I’ve never noticed an issue with this but I am willing to learn the ways! :smiley:

Yep it’s meant to protect both the bra and the washing machine so win-win! I tend to use it for clothes with really thin fabric/synthetics and so on as well, but I’m not actually sure there’s any point. Depends what else you’re washing it with, I suppose.


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