Genuinely think this is the best pop song of the last couple of years

You’ll probably hate it, but i can live with that.


It’s a lovely jam for sure!

it’s got that giddiness which makes it easy to love - album worth checking out? Been seeing it hyped around the place

thats brilliant! never heard it before.
i’d’ve gone with this

Damn this is good, it’s the delirious retro pop song “Shut Up Kiss Me” wished it was, tbh. Thanks for this, definitely to listen to more of their stuff, looks like they’ve got a new album out too.

I feel like I should like this more, but I found the album very shrill.

Saw them opening for Slowdive and they were fantastic. tbh I’m not crazy about the production - I thought their janglier live sound suited them really well - but it’s still pretty good fun. They closed their set with this one:

I like it! Pop song of the year though? No killer middle 8, and that’s what I need.

Her voice sounds like her from The Sundays. Lovely