Who here goes Geocaching?

  • Yes regularly!
  • No!
  • I’ve tried it.
  • What’s geocaching?!

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I reckon it’s the sort of thing I could get quite into, though.



It’s really great. I’ve got a Dog so always takes me to new places for a walk but it’s good if you’re on your own too.


One of my favourite Pokemon


Far, far too penoid for me.


I was going to say that Pokémon Go is a bit like geocaching. (Not that I’ve played it)


I had some pals in america that were bang into it. they gave me a couple of thingies (can’t remember the lingo) that have tracking numbers on them so you can follow them about each cache. was quite interesting.

might look up another one.


What is it?


it’s a bit like pokemon go


sounds shit. Ahm oot


Rummaging about in bushes looking for small boxes. It’s surprisingly fun.




It’s brilliant if you have kids. They can’t get enough of it.


somebody hides a cache (like a box or something) and gives you the gps coordinates for it. you then have to find it.
good ones are hidden quite well and give you clues etc to work out where it is.

they’re usually put in places that people want you to see, so it’ll be somewhere with a nice view or somewhere interesting etc


Used to, idk about 160 finds or whatever. Great way to find good dog-walking routes round here, or to feel like a spy in a city centre.

Recent changes to what you can’t do without a premium account are crap though so I binned it off.


I’d never heard of it but was walking with the TV when we got lost in a wood and somehow found this really well concealed plastic box full of stuff. The box was all steamed up so u couldn’t see what was in it. I panicked and assumed it was anthrax or something but she looked at it saw it had some writing and googled it. That’s how I found out about geocaching.

So I’ve never willingly participated but it seems like a good enough idea if you like walking - which i do.


My nearest cache is about 20 foot up a tree, and I’ve never managed to scramble up and get it. There’s a similar one at the other end of the village too, but I’ve never been able to spot that one from the ground.

Few hundred metres away is one on an island in the middle of a big pond, heh.

Was never a fan of non-traditional caches, mystery caches, etc. Used to be a super cryptic series in Winchester about kings and queens, but I never finished it before some of them were removed / lost.

Might might investigate again


You use gps technology to find Tupperware. It’s a worldwide hobby. There are currently 3 million boxes hidden around the world. It’s great fun. Dog walking or looking for something to do with the kids. It’s great.


Can I not just go to Argos