Ex professional cyclist and all round hero Jens Voigt loves a geocache or two


“Shut up, logs!” :laughing:


Travel bugs: kind of a game within the game. People release little trackable coins and key rings. If you find one in a box you log the number online then move it on to another box. They travel worldwide. I released one which is now in Antigua currently.


So does Hugh jackman!


I’ve found 1711 since 2012 when I started. It’s been going since gps was made public and not exclusively military in 2000.


As featured in his hit film… LOGin’

:laughing: I’m here all week (try the veal)


What’s normally in them?




How would one go about starting this?


Seriously, though. Open to @twentynine too. Just wondering what is traditionally found?


Found a cache once that was absolutely swarmed with and full of ladybirds - does that count?


if anything, it’s stuff like coins or rings & that kind of thing. the done thing is only to take it if you’re replacing it with something else (afaik)

nothing that’s worth any money obviously


The one time I did it with some mates who are into it we found a tennis ball with a little roll of paper inside where people wrote their names and where they were from


what’s the argument for this being rubbish?

I guess “you can look a bit of an idiot scurrying about in the undergrowth” is about the worst I can think of.

Just a fun way to use technology to encourage spending some time in nature which is about as good as you can hope for.



Always a notebook so you can log your find. Some people leave little trinkets (“swappables”), coins, stickers, football cards are popular round here. I used to leave dice. Some of them have “trackables” with unique codes, so you move them from one cache to another so it goes on a journey.


Oh, interesting. What sort of dice? I mean conventional six-siders or did you leave them a polyhedral penoid @epimer option?


Standard d6 boringly (quite small), I was sent a bag of about 200 of them mistakenly a few years back.


Someone I work with does this and once found some mucky playing cards in a box in Dorset somewhere. He was half outraged (think of the kids etc) and half nostalgic.


Download the free geocaching app. Think of a cool username sign up for free. Search on app what’s near you. Use app to navigate to container. Then log the container as found either on the app or online. Repeat!