Near me there is a really bold hide. In a really uninteresting cluster of trees about 15 metres from a footpath is a full sized plastic dustbin suspended in a tree. Using a pulley system you lower the box down. It's full of books, toys, dvd's etc the kids loved finding that one!


Cool thanks. There's one at the end of my street but it's an upgrade one - not sure if I'm ready for that!

Does look like the type of thing I could get really into though.


This is the plot of Se7en.


"GEOCACHING: All the fun of Se7en without the torture, death, heads and killer dildos!"


Oh that's cool! I've only ever come across one "different" caches. One down the road is disguised brilliantly as a snail, but another local one is a hidden tub with about 50 kinder egg toy containers in, but each of them has some pages from magazines in so you can't just easily find the one with the log in. Was sat there for about an hour reading through everything heh.


I live in Devon and tend to steer clear of urban ones as you can look odd rummaging in bushes. Where I go such as Dartmoor and the south west coast path you can look as much as you like because no one is there to see you!


I'd seriously like to know if you find one and if you liked it. Let me know how it goes.


This is where geocaching took me on Wednesday. No bushes. All boxes under rocks!


Oooh, just thought of the last time I went out 'caching. I was going along the Itchen route into Winchester. There was one up St Catherines Hill. I was on PAYG and had used my monthly data, but had managed to store a list in the Geocaching app and if you were patient enough, the GPS would roughly still work.

Up SCH I went. Can't remember the exact amount, but I counted the steps up and it was in the 300s. GPS patchy at the top, but I'd read the clue and checked a few places using Cache-Fu at the little glade at the summit. Nothing around. Checked app and I was about 50m out.

Headed to a clump, and sure enough there was a box hidden under some leaves and twigs.

Empty M&S sushi box.

Cache was about 20m in the opposite direction. :laughing:


This thread has gone quiet. Everyone's out geocaching!


Hey brainfreeze, after a false start on Friday when I failed to find my first one somewhere in some woods in a country park, I found 3 today! First two were little magnet ones and I didn't have a pen with me, doh! Then found a decent sized one that had a travel bug in it. Had a quick look at the rules for that and panicked so didn't take it. If it's still there in a months time when I'm back I'll have another go.

Liking it so far, only thing is you do end up looking like a weirdo rummaging in bushes!


I always forget to take a pen/pencil, I just log them online with a photo


Shit for twats.

Why not just go to the pub?


Tempted to go find the one in Fog Lane park. Only a 5 minute walk away.


Wow. Intelligent. I'd rather immerse myself in nature, wildlife, sunlight and fresh air than waste time sitting in a pub, but you crack on mate.


No idea where that is but if it's 5 mins away do it. You won't regret it.


That's what I do if I forget


I'm really pleased. Good for you. Hopefully you will begin to discover some amazing places!


I've never seen one before - no one has - but I'm guessing it's a white hole


Did you just take a Bugduv post seriously?