Geoguesser: Wetherspoons edition

Just tried to guess the location of five random Wetherspoons.

KEY RULE: No movement allowed - you can rotate and zoom, but not move, contextual clues only.

I did pretty well aside from one major cock up, got a perfect score on the last one:

Had one in a shopping centre and another in an airport and have managed to get the first 2 spot on… let’s see how I fuck it up from here

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Got two spot on, two incredibly close, totally fucked it on the last one

Fucked it

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I think I lucked out on this one. Every location had something really obvious to identify where it was, plus two were in London

Also, since when have you had to register and pay for geoguesser?


fuck wetherspoons anyway


For quite a while

I knew about it ages ago


I stopped playing it years ago when I completed it.


My score still stands

Fucking fuming. 3 perfect scores and then my next round is a pic of an Indian restaurant??

WTF is this bullshit

Edit: I have broken the rule and clicked the arrow once so I can be outside. Soz.

  • Messed up thinking a xxx-xxxx telephone number would definitely be London. It was Liverpool
  • couldn’t remember where Borehamwood was in the London area
  • knew that Bristol was an 0117 number but it was Weston-super-Mare
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Excellent clue usage

Proud of myself with the first 3.

Had to move once for round 4.

Worked out it was South Wales for round 5 but couldn’t narrow it down. Went for Newport. It was near Port Talbot.

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Lucked out a bit. Two were right next to train stations, one was next to a bus that said ‘Bournemouth and Poole’ on the side and another was Birmingham Airport which is very familiar.

excuse me

is this prick hiding in any of the photos?

Got lucky with area codes I knew, destinations on buses and shops with the name of the place on them.

Edit: doxxed myself there

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Bonus marks if you find him