George Michael has died



No way


Fuck this.

Loved George Michael. Key part of my childhood. Fuck. Gutted.




oh come on


Never been my cuppa, but RIP. 2016 seems to have been brutal


Holy shit.

This is genuinely gutting. Absolutely loved George Michael, in a non ironic way.

This is ridiculous


I’m genuinely shocked


Imagine if 2017 turns out even worse


Wow. Rip biggun


Was banging on about him he other day to the tv, at first she thought I wasn’t serious about how much of a great songwriter I thought he was.
Genuinely really gutted :frowning:


53 is no age, this is brutal





Incredibly shocking news. Last Christmas is so woven into the whole festive season that it’s hard not to have fond memories of him and his music.


like a few people have said, he was a big part of me growing up - my parents were fans and Older is a really decent pop album with some absolutely great tracks on it.

Really really saddened by this news, 53 is shockingly young


Feels more shocking than any of the other deaths this year. Lost for words.




My Aunts going to be devastated she was a huge fan.




actually in shock

so many tunes. gave the world pop’s greatest sax solo. did loads of charity work and campaigning. also he released that really weird anti-bush song.