George Michael has died

Wham! Were brilliant. RIP.

(Fuck 2016. I’ll be glad when it’s over.)

Listening to my fave Christmas song rn alone with a stella after doing the washing up. Dont care what anyone thinks. Rip GM x

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(Sorry. I didn’t realise that there was already a thread on the social board when I started this one.)

Horrible news. I wish this year could have ended ages ago. The worst year ever.

RIP George Michael

As much as I’m starting to find the whole “bugger off 2016” thing a bit tedious, I can’t deny that just the sound of “twenty-sixteen” has a certain eerie historical resonance to it already. And the year isn’t even over yet.

RIP George Michael, too. A real shock.

Great songwriter, great voice, part of my upbringing, really sad :frowning:


proper shit when good people die on christmas.
always think of vic chesnutt around this time of year and get sad

One of the first celebrity deaths that really got to me was Joe Strummer, just before Christmas - James Brown too, iirc…

yeah like Dimebag on Lennon’s anniversary, this came on James Brown’s.

Huge shock, and it feels a bit like some of my youth died with him.

My wife’s an enormous fan, so it’s been basically in mourning/celebration of George Michael aka “Horhay Miguel” as my wife calls him, ever since seeing the news on Sunday night,

3 years to the day of his death, now his sister dies as well :cry: