George Osborne - New editor of the Evening Standard


How odious


Brings a new meaning to the phrase ‘Tory press’.


Why the heck do people keep giving this man money and work


Isn’t he still an MP? How can he have a full time job and still represent the interests of his constituents?


This is what I believe is called “a genuine WTF moment”.


Makes your skin crawl, doesn’t it?


Last thing we want is privileged incompetent tories running the media…


Like, a man with absolutely no journalistic, let alone editorial, experience just walks into a high-profile, influential job, having fucked the country over completely, and on the back of taking numerous highly-paid advisory roles and directorships.

Just, urgh.



and it is completely, utterly normalised and expected. Like people will largely react by going “eh? that’s weird” and will move on


He’ll have to resign his seat.

I guess that was always the plan though - both he and Cameron saw political power as a stepping stone - a means to and end of building influence and wealth.


looking forward to Cameron hosting the One Show


Hopefully he has a massive cocaine-induced heart attack on day 1.


Beyond a joke. Fucking burn everything down.


Said he’s not going to.

This all remarkably confusing.


lololol what


WTF. Like Trump and his cronies…they all know they are basically untouchable.


Y’know what I think? I think this is part of Osborne’s scheming to get back at Theresa May for his sacking you know. All part of the plan. We’ll see her taking more of a pasting in the ES I reckon.

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There’s two sides to every tory