Germans, German speakers, German lovers, Germany dwellers thread


Make yourselves known! I speak almost no German and I’m moving there to live for two months to learn.


I know how to type ß


What would you like to know? Where bounce in Germany you staying, hun etc.?


teach me!! I only learned how to do a é last night despite being able to write semi-comprehensible French and having a partner with a é in his name


short for honey, not hate speech


50% German the rest of my flesh is shite English…


omg it’s the same way!!! ßßßßßßßßßßßßßß


Alt S

I heard that they don’t even use ‘ß’ any more anyway but it’s on the back of Stefan Kiessling/Kießling’s shirt.




Thought they were trying to get rid of the old doppel-S?

I live in the German speaking part of Switzerland. Which complicates the task of improving my Hochdeutsch.


I think they were going to bin it off but the Gerexitish crew wanted to keep it.


I’m moving to Trier. I would like to know

  • How to speak German
  • Where I should live
  • What there is to do there
  • If anyone has any advice about that part of Germany


Germany is pretty good and I have had a lovely time when I have been there.


I proposed to my TV in Berlin. Nice beer, average food.


I’m vegan, is it good for vegans?


In German you pronounce every letter, none of the silent letters like in French (this is what they told me in GSCE anyway, there might be exceptions).

I only have the aforementioned GCSE and when I was visiting there a couple of years ago I remembered enough to get by/order things and I 'm not a language person so shouldn’t be too hard to pick up esp when living there. Lots of the words an similar to English which makes it easier.


God loves a Trier!

(I don’t know the area unfortunately)


Spent half a day in Trier last year.
Went to the Karl Marx museum, walked around and saw some Roman ruins/buildings. Strolled along the Moselle river which is nice.
Overall it’s quite a small place, not really much happening and pretty much seen/done it in a few hours.

How long are you going f… oh :grin:


uh oh


They ditched it for words, but not people’s names or place names. There’s loads of surnames around that use old spelling, esp using th for t. Like Goethe. In modern spelling he’d be Göte.