Gerrard Retires Thursday Football Thread

You can all rejoice!

(maybe going to manage MK Dons?)

Couldn’t see another thread. Is football back now?

He’s said the MK Dons job is “a great job for someone else” so I’d be surprised

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Didn’t he rule himself out of the MK Dons job last week?

I haven’t kept up with it - just saw he was linked.

I was probably just hoping he’d do it so he didn’t come back and coach how to slip and throw away titles at LFC tbf.

Imagine him as a coach if we won the league this season. He’d be like John Terry in full kit under his tracksuit.

Barton training at Burnley, apparently just to get himself fit again. Would like to see how it would play out if Burnley resign him. Last season Dyche got the best out of him. Still a complete twat though!

Apparently we’ve had discussions with Sam Allardyce already, with a view to replace Pardew if we lose to Swansea.

Warnock, Pulis, Pardew, Allardyce. FFS Palace. How about employing someone who’s not a cunt?


  • full on cunt
  • mostly a cunt, but sometimes he’s ok
  • he’s ok
  • I quite like him
  • I like him a lot
  • some other opinion

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ugh imagine him and Defour in the same midfield

Palace bloody love a “real football man” don’t they

He’s one of those on-pitch shithouses who ends up being one of those able to say something interesting in post-match interviews.

(see Keane, Bellamy, Savage, V Jones when they were playing)

Would quite like to see him staring in a Fawlty Towers type sitcom with Lampard where they try and run a trade together, always get it wrong, and someone always quips “You can’t play Lampard and Gerrard together!”

Paul Scholes cameos, gets ignored. Special appearances from Sven, Becks.

Hilarity ensues.


biggest PL flop (so far)

  • Jansen
  • Poggy
  • someone else

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Got to be poor old Armenian Mick hasn’t it really


not had enough time on the pitch to be considered a flop, man.

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Just remembered Ian Holloway too. Twat.

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Certainly seems like Pardew might actually go by the middle of December. Next three games are Swansea, Southampton, and Hull. Obviously two of those are huge and if he gets anything less than 4 points out of those he’ll surely be out?

He’s worse than all of them tbf (and that is saying something)

I guess his failure to break into a Utd team in sixth place when he was the Bundesliga player of the year isn’t technically a ‘flop’ but it’s not great is it

Janssen didn’t even cost that much in 2016 striker terms, going with someone else