Gerrard Retires Thursday Football Thread


I hated the idea of Pulis, and it looks like we’re in a similar place as when he took over (albeit with a better squad). I did find myself liking him by the end of that season, and then back to hating him as the new season began.

Alladyce just wouldn’t fit though, and having disgraced himself, it would be hard to stomach.

Not sure about Klinsmann either. He had a poor time at Bayern.

Anyone else of note on the bookies lists?

On a sidenote…is there an official CPFC ticket exchange you’d recommend using? I need a spare for the Southampton game.

The stories are horrendous, and current headlines indicate the abuse could have happened on a huge scale (which is awful but seems depressingly likely).

I was the same with Pulis. Actually thought I wouldn’t renew my season ticket with Pulis in charge, but I warmed to him by the end of that season, and went back to hating him when he walked out.

Similarly with Warnock in the Championship, I hated him and then liked him as our manager. I went back to disliking him when he came back.

I hated Holloway full stop. We should have gone up with ease that season, but we stumbled into the play offs on the last day.

There used to be but it was stopped. There is a ticket swap sub forum on the BBS.

Yeah, it’s got that horrible feeling about it. Massive closed-shop industry where parents give huge amounts of trust, and coaches have the power to end someone’s potential career in a second that’s completely ripe for abuse (like the church, hollywood etc.), worried this is tip-of-iceberg stuff

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Can’t wait for Steve G to be a new big-name pundit if Liverpool get anywhere near anything
The man’s dense as custard


Joe Hart

Reckon there’ll be this much criticism once lampard retires?

Not a fucking chance.

And for balance:


Seemed like a decent enough bloke. Scouse accent so obviously thick as shit though. And really hairy thighs. #endofopinion

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What, with sellotape? YOU’RE A MONSTER

I’d have to say…

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Some of Pogbas cross field balls are delicious

Very Surprised Stevie G didn’t fancy a league title and join Celtic

Didn’t think of that. He should’ve.

Looking like that may very well be the case. If there’s any up side to this, the inversion of gender and fame from the Jimmy Savile cases might lead to people putting aside some of their pre-existing prejudices when this sort of shit comes to light.

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