Gerry Cinnamon - a discussion about regional popularity

Gerry Cinnamon, weirdly, can sell out two nights at the Barrowlands up here. Are there any other acts in the UK who have a similar popularity only in their home town?

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Good point. I am continually perplexed by the continuing popularity of The Courteeners. All their albums have gone Top 10!

They’re do well in a lot of places but the Cribs managed to sell out Leeds Arena last year

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thats not their home town!!

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Oh I didn’t see the bit of the OP that said hometown

Still can’t believe there’s someone out there calling themselves Gerry Cinnamon


I know, it is terrible. He also does an awful cover of ‘I Wanna Be Adored’. I’m not a fan.

Missed a trick there by not covering Sally Cinnamon.


The Enemy used to routinely sell out the Ricoh Arena in Coventry and play pubs everywhere else.


Bush used to be huge in their home country of the USA while they’d be playing the Camden Monarch when they came to the UK.


I think Gerry Cinnamons success is slightly different to The Courteeners/The Enemy in that he’s done it mostly through word of mouth without any record label involvement (he used to run an open mic night a few years back so I guess it built it from there), I’m not a big fan but it’s a pretty impressive achievement.

You are right, whether you like to music or not (i don’t), it is an impressive achievement to sell out two nights at The Barras without any record company help whatsoever.

he’s managed by DF concerts, the “no label, no press, no agent” patter is pure pish


In that case, i retract my above statement.

I didn’t know that, thought he did it all himself

Ah, interesting! I thought he’d done it all himself. How’s he perpetrated this myth so well?!

The Twang regularly sell out the O2 Academy in Birmingham yet …I’m assuming they don’t do much elsewhere.

I imagine a “condiments” festival featuring Gerry Cinnamon, Toni Basil, The Spice Girls, Veruca Salt, and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.


They still play quite large places in Glasgow, like the O2 ABC, which holds 1,300. Don’t know if they sell it out mind you!

Milburn played 2 sold out stadium shows on back to back nights in Sheffield last year