Gerry Mander

I read this recently and felt sad that the the supreme court have essentially condoned gerrymandering, completely undermining any semblance of democracy in America.

Another conclusion I made from the article was how it would be quite funny if there was a person called “Gerry Mander”.

  • Extremely fun to think about
  • Quite fun to think about
  • I am neutral to the idea of someone being called Gerry Mander
  • Not that fun to think about
  • Really not fun to think about

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Gerry Mandem


I’ll see your Jerry Mander and raise you a Hugh Jarse


Anytime I have to put expenses through I sign it Martin Bezzlement

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Gerry Manderson

Phillip Buster

He was a real person and pronounced with a hard G, so not Jerry. Like Gary said wrong.

John Mulaney talked about him on some talk show - there’s some family connection I can’t remember like Mulaney’s grandfather was a Senator and knew Gerry so Mulaney’s mum always corrects people when they say Jerry Mander.

Unless Mulany was making it all up which is a distinct possibility.