(Get Down) Saturday Evening

Here we go

Anyone doing anything other than staying in and dicking around on the internet tonight? Join me please


Probably going to watch a film. Just had my dinner and still hungry. Might have a beer to try distract my mind from the hunger. Can’t see that plan going wrong AT ALL.

Beer - poured
Pizza - prepping
Book - opened
Sun - absorbing
Film - deciding


Oh good shout. Forgot that exists so may do the same! (Normal People, like, not my nails)

I can recommend Dead Calm


I’ve written my round for tonight’s quiz. I’m not sure I’ve taken the appropriate level of seriousness in my questions, but I’ve somehow never memorably written uestions for a quiz before, so they should consider themselves lucky to even have a question, let alone 10.

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Did you have a topic and can you share the q’s with us please?

At work for another 30mins. Then home to leftover lasagne and salad. Could have a beer , may not have a beer. Back in tomorrow at 7, so yeah, fun fun fun.

Just looked in my coat pocket for the first time since March, it’s like a forgotten realm in there

Are the shops and pubs open in pocketworld?


Have pencilled in time to drink and chat with my mate tonight. Gonna get a bit smashy then watch Over The Top and text through it. Got the wine, beers, whiskey and fags in plus some appalling quality hash so it should be quite the evening. He’s outdone himself with a 35 pint box of sams scrumpy coming in at a hefty 7.4%.

Just listening to Rosalia as I tidy the gaff.


Just a bunch of stuff I forgot I owned

Having a halloumi & hot dog burger (!) and getting pumped for the film club!!!


The best surprises

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Gonna read for a bit and have a glass of wine I reckon


You’re so cultured

Just had a bbq. Sitting in front of a rubbish fire now.

Everyone alright?

I often get a pain in my left arm so panic and think ‘this is it’ but then I remember I sleep with my head resting on my left arm.

Middlesex, after putting it off for years. About 3/5 through and really enjoying it! Found it very dense when starting but now it’s got some real momentum

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Need a new chimney thing, mine’s fucked through me always wanting to make an inferno with it.