Get in!

hate to be that guy but, will it actually be good though? These recent seasons of Arrested Development have me constantly sceptical of this sort of thing

I know this thread is sarcastic, but I’m looking forward to this


The Barry tourist industry is at least 90% fueled by Gavin & Stacey so this is good for the local economy I guess. It was front page news here that ‘Smithy’s car’ was visiting for the weekend. It’s just a bog standard car FFS.


I have a real, deep fondness for Gavin & Stacey, and look forward to spending more time with the characters.

All the characters voted leave though.


Shit, didn’t realise it had been nearly 10 years. I feel so old.

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Bloody love G&S. Sure, J-Cordz is a bell these days but it’s one of the great feel-good TV shows for me.


Always have some cognitive dissonance that he had a hand in writing it. Always pictured it a bit like this (excuse the Family Guy)

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Bit annoyed at this as I’d planned to do a HGWIR for Gav & Stace this week. Will wait until the special now

And yet you did a Deadwood one when there’s a film on the way?


it’s a VERY risky game reviving any show just before a HGWIR


I have never seen the original but know that James Corden plays neither Gavin nor Stacey. That said I am willing to bet this remake will give him more screen time than actual Gavin and Stacey combined. Also feel there is a strong chance of an extra giving him an “Are you James Corden?” 4th wall break.

Uncle bryn is an amazing character, would like to just see a spin off of him.


Smithy (corden) has more screen time than Gavin or Stacey already I reckon

Sounds like a safe bet then.

As the series went on he (and Ruth Jones’ character) did start to get more and more screen time, both because they obviously found it hard to resist writing themselves bigger parts, but also because as they were originally the funny sidekicks, they were the characters audiences liked the most (whereas Gavin and Stacey were less funny because they had more plot work to do), so it made sense and didn’t really hurt the show.

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That’s what I mean. Doing the Deadwood one now as there’s a tie-in. Might as well wait for the Gavin and Stacey special in Dec to do the same.

He didn’t in the first series, then corden’s ego took centre stage a bit. Worst character in a generally pretty good show, reboot will be utter shit obviously

Good guy Corden helping out his friends.

I knew he wasn’t a cunt!

can’t be any worse than the original series