"Get it decanted, mate" - A Thread About Putting Things Into Other Things

I think a funny thing to see, would be if a person (such as myself) who tends to decant pasta/rice/grains/Riesen - The Chocolate Chew etc into fancy jars, decanted Baked Beans (usually tinned) into one of the fancy jars instead.

The humour lies in the fact that, alongside fancy jars of pasta/grains etc, you’d see a fancy jar full of Baked Beans and then the person would have to like ladle them out into a bowl to microwave them or whatever. Pretty good stuff.

Anyway, this is a thread about “Get it decanted, mate”. Do with it what you will.

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Really want a whiskey decanter so I can pretend I’m in mad men or boardwalk empire

Gonna put it on my Christmas list


Is this going to be one of those threads where you say this but actually repeatedly lambast us for doing it wrong?


Decanting stuff is one of the most pointless things humans do, isn’t it? You think you’re too good to keep your pasta in the bag in came in do ya?

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If you saw a whiskey decanter that was good and poured nicely (or whatever the criteria for a decanter is) and it was reasonably priced, however, it has a picture of Steve Buscemi’s character and a speech bubble coming out saying “OH!! I’m Boardwalking here!” would you be more or less likely to buy it?

  • More likely
  • Less likely
  • It would depend what else was available on the market

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Me personally?

Not at all!

Nah, I never say “do with it what you will” unless I mean it.

Literally talk about whatever you want in here (unless its illegal)

you stupid decanter

I like to “decant” water from the tap into a glass

Solid contribution. Thank you for sharing.

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No you are decant

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There was a moderately funny dimitar berbatov fake twitter profile where he was a snobbish aristocrat. And in one of the tweets he bought all of the lads crystal decanters so they wouldn’t have to keep drinking powerade straight from the bottle in training. It was a mental image I found ‘quite funny’ and still think about occasionally


I like to decant piss from my penis into my lawn

Yeah, I like this

a joke about Ant & Dec but they are standing the other way around and the punchline is Decanted.


He had a dog called thatcher and spent most of his free time practicing the violin, iirc

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I am un chien andalusia
Wanna grow up to be
Be a decanter


Is this what you want?


I’d love to see something like this

It’s quite nice, yes thank you.