Get off your knees, cucks. (Men Go Their Own Way)


I’m never looking back.


Why did you make me look at that.



i quickly fell into the forum and found this


My sofa is free, hygsy.

Make a stand. I’ll put you up until you’re ready to stand on your own two feet again.

Just imagine it, FIFA, takeaways, beer and my housemate’s stale farts every night.


This is the next stage after the pick up guides and stupid hats fail to get them women, right?

@1101010 will be happy with the use of a basic wordpress template + cheesy stock photography there

I always wonder why those guys think that cuckold is such a massive insult. Like no-one they yell it at is very hurt by it, esp if they don’t even have a wife. Are they gonna dig out some more shakespearean insults too?


He’s done you there, women.


Keep reading it as @meowington



“Non-verbal”- physically pushed ol’ handsy away in disgust.

This man seems to be very adept at making women feel really gross while watching a film or tv.


I’m trying to figure out if this is one woman or multiple different ones too.


oh you sexist PIG


i think its his wife?


Frankly far more disturbed by the day after the ‘yes’ being ‘I’m still a bit tender from yesterday’

Fucking hell…


Tbh I pretty much assume Tom Cruise is his character from Magnolia in real life too.


Imagine being so shit at life that you think society’s oppressing you for being a man. Just, imagine it. Christ.


I wonder if she has a similar spreadsheet.


This has broken my brain


The Cuckold thing… well I believe it’s one of those things that’s sort of evolved. As I understand (!) the original notion was that both Hillary and Bernie were both cheated on by their partners, whereas this hasn’t ever happened to Trump, so it wasn’t that you were ‘cuck’ it was that you were supporting people who (I guess?) were supposed to be terrible examples of leadership because they couldn’t even ‘satisfy’ their own partner.

So basically they’re calling people ‘cucks’ to imply they think someone who’s been cuckold is okay as a presidential hopeful, Or something.

I mean yeah, it’s obviously deeply grim and fucked up. What else from the Republican party, eh?


You’re just jealous because it’s harder for you to bleed everywhere while doing a marathon.