GET OUT OF BED - Thursday Thread

It’s the 90’s, dial up Internet at best.



From Wikipedia

In their original RTÉ incarnation, Zig often came across as the more intelligent one, with Zag under his thumb (most evident in their “Story Time” segments, when Zig would read a nursery rhyme to the audience, and Zag would grudgingly act it out). Zag also displayed a penchant for cross-dressing and playing with Barbie dolls. However, after the two moved to Channel 4, Zag began to be portrayed as the more intelligent older brother, a lecherous lady-killer who claimed to fly every weekend to Hollywood to dine with the stars, as well as performing ragga songs in his guise of “Ragga Zagga”.

Zig was then portrayed as a weak-willed childish simpleton, constantly giggling at rude jokes (like the word “bottom”), obsessed with specific things (such as The Hunt for Red October or his rash) and frequently unaware of what was going on around him.


That’s properly cracked me up, I miss daft breakfast TV.

As advised, I should get out of bed. Sure glad I stayed up until 3am last night.

Chai! :tea:


About to get back in bed with a book after having brewed myself some yummy coffee. This is how we start our days in the countryside


Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Morning all

Very dramatic fog here this morning

For some reason I keep waking up feeling hungover even though I’m doing dry January.


It’s dark and I’m still in bed. The wind is horrendous outside. Gonna make scrambled egg, potatoes and chorizo for breakfast and then have a bath with a book.



I am up and active. Just had my porridge but didn’t really cook it for long enough so the oats were still a bit hard which wasn’t great.

Going to take the dog for a spin and then I’ve got a KIT meeting on Teams at 10. It’s booked for 10-2, which I’m hoping is a massive overestimation.

Was supposed to be out of class this morning but obviously that’s been cancelled as the person covering me is off. Fucking knew it. And because I was so distracted by the email I walked out without my laptop so now I’m late and unorganised for first day back.
No doubt it’ll be really understaffed and stressful today. 26 more get ups!


Had a coffee, harvested a couple of :mushroom:.

Gonna apply for some jobs today. Got my eldest coming for dinner with her new boyfriend tonight. I’m gonna make fish :taco:

That can happen if you go complete cold turkey after a fairly sustained period of hitting the booze so take care.



Up at 5:50 to get to airport ok! Got a sausage sandwich in my tummy, now just waiting to board!


Blimey, just done a bit of reading about mild withdrawal side effects… that’ll be it then

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It’s 80s day on 6. Currently playing this tuuuuuune

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Just remembered I’ve got a lonely boy mini rice cooker being delivered and I’m going for a consultation about the :scissors:. What a day

Still in bed you fucker

Where you jettin to

Might go into Leeds and eat nice food and see Licorice Pizza