Get rid of that salmon pink immediately (ignore this thread)




How am I the first person to mention this? You can’t even see peoples usernames.


I like it


What salmon pink are you talking about? Where?


I take it you’re viewing on a phone then? On my desktop there’s a salmon background that clashes with loads of stuff.


I can only see that brown


where the fuck is this salmon background, do i need to sign up for a platinum account for this?!


It makes the whole place seem so much more calm


on a desktop and i can’t see no god damn salmon pink. Its all white



Ignore the ‘can’t see peoples usernames’ - there are bits you can barely see though.


Still can’t see it!!

Access Denied: (content_filter_denied)

Your request was denied because of its content categorization: “Media Sharing;Mixed Content/Potentially Adult”
Please ensure you have typed the address correctly.


LMAO delete this thread - it’s because I had CSS StyleBot running still from the old site hahaha


Ha, I was just about to ask if that was why. YOU FUCKING PLUM! :smiley:


I was just about to ask if you were still running that!!!


Aww, snap!


That is very weird. What browser are you using?


OH! Ok.


Did himself properly.

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