"Get these seeds OUT of this bread"

I have not had one of those, no. I go in there EXCLUSIVELY on a Saturday morning EXCLUSIVELY to buy a Multi-Seed Tin Loaf.

I’m always banging on about “maintain the integrity of the stack” whenever I buy Pringles (which is frequent)


If you distrust seeded bread so fastidiously how on earth did you come to love Big P’s Seedy B?

My stance here is that I wouldn’t have expected seeds in Farmhouse Bread but also I didn’t read the words Farmhouse Bread so I’d be bang to rights anyway.

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Imagine if you bought this loaf and there were just 2 (two) sunflower seeds. (technically that IS multi seed - that’s the joke)

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They were each the size of fat, ripe pears.

You better not to be talking shit about seed sensations, ant

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Maybe the “loaf” is just two massive seeds glued together with something sticky and edible.


That’s what Ant buys. That’s his favourite food.

The seeds are back in bread!

ha! what a nob!

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Exactly 12 days ago I bought some sunflowers as my partner was away and was returning that day and I thought “it would be nice if I got some flowers for her return and popped them in a vase and that”

Anyway, what happened was, I got one bunch and didn’t realise whilst checking out how thick the stems were and I was walking home with them and an old lady sat outside a kebab shop shouted “Are those for a lovely lady?” at me and I was like “yes mate, do you know how to cut these stems, they’re well thick!” and she was like “use a bread knife and cut them at an angle and put some sugar on the end of them” and I was like “cheers mate” and then I went home and did that but realised there was only like four fucking flowers in the bunch so I went out and got some more of them and went home and did the same and filled the vase up with sunflowers but then there were too many of them so they got overcrowded and it turned out they all died quite quickly and they’re in the bin now.

Anyway, all this is to say I’m not really into sunflower seeds.


Cheap white bread is the best isn’t it

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Is that the purple Hovis one?

Who let the seeds out?
Who? Who? Who? Who?


It is the best for bacon or fish finger sandwiches and probably also good if you’re using it as bait for going coarse fishing.

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What a rollercoaster

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anything labelled ‘malt crunch’ or similar is the best loaf. seedy but not too seedy.

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Racist taxi driver told me that seeded bread was only invented because the EU put so many caps on how much grain can be exported out of the UK.



Hate it when tuna mayo and cucumber sandwich come in granary bread