Get Tuesday evening roon ye

Waiting for football. No-one is taking me to the pub so I’ll need to attempt a dodgy stream.

What’s for dinner?
What are your plans?
Which person living or dead do you hope knocks on your door later?

Hello my loves :sparkling_heart:

Either veggie fajitas or half a Camembert and some Parma ham, one hasn’t decided how decedent to be yet.
No plans, apart from cleaning the cat’s water fountain at some point and maybe taking the recycling out.
Easy, Pete Burns of course.

Have a lovely evening my angels

  • Noodles with broccoli, seafood sticks, green beans, and cashew crunch.
  • Doing some freelance admin,website stuff etc, not what I want to be doing
  • My bf pls <3

Courgette and tomato gratin
Potato croquettes
Quorn fillet thing

Take dog out
Watch Breeders

Ottolenghi…with some dessert

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Think I’ll watch the football. Hadn’t realised it was on.

I’d like to be left in peace. Nobody at my door please.


Got a grocery delivery coming later, plus need to do some ironing (yawn).
The Tesco delivery driver (preferably not dead)

Dinner: sea bass, potato salad, some veg or something

Plans: still on work calls. I’m knackered.

Door knock: my niece?? Would be worried why she’s out there alone. She’s only 2!


Just ordered Chinese

Fuck all. Might have a sulk later for something to do

The Chinese delivery person.

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Making chicken katsu with spring onions

Gonna finish the last ep of Pistols, then either a film or some more shows. Might work out where the eat before a couple of shows over the next week, and finally work out when to see (old) friends (new) baybay

Hmm … wouldn’t mind someone with my latest record order, or could happily invite Mark Kermode over for a film debate session. @Witches is overdue a visit as well to trial my cocktail skills


Or maybe just like some idk Edwardian peasant farmer, wow them with technology and feel like a god for an evening - would make a change

Sweet chili pork with egg fried rice.

Watch another X-Men film with my wife. Will drink some cider when she goes to bed and listen to some records I bought.

Absolutely no-one. I am tired of this world-these people. I am tired of being caught in the tangle of their lives.

This Post Paid For By PROF$.



Dinner: gonna do a breaded chicken escalope thing with sauerkraut and fries probably.

Plans: just relax I think, head’s been a bit off today. Also have a food delivery coming.

Person: don’t really fancy any more company, would appreciate someone dropping a beer round though (didn’t order any with the food delivery).

what is this football you’re all talking about?

11 players a side, aim is to score more goals over the course of the game than the other team


Asda pizza
Absolutely nothing
Kat Dennings

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Champions league qualifying for rangers.

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Plans: The boy has had such a meltdown he wont even eat pancakes for his dinner. Watching paw patrol at the moment while I build up the courage to turn it off and start bedtime. After that then maybe half an hour of brainless tv hopefully.

Tea: Caprese salad and nice bread for tea.

At the door: my mum with tiramisu for dessert would be nice

Sure why not

  • tomato and mozzarella gnocchi. i wish i had fresh basil but i absolutely cannot be bothered to go to the shop and get any.

  • collating screenshots into a document to share with the po po about a lunatic who has finally posted disturbing/obvious enough threats to actually be reported with a hope of anything happening. no Love Island so might actually go to bed at a sensible time.

  • Andrew Garfield, kempt and ready to give me a cheeky finger.

my father is fuming that my football club are sponsoring the town’s first ever Pride :sleeping: :sleeping: :sleeping:


This is the sort of content I’m here for.

Actually hope that didn’t appear insensitive given the bullet point above. Eesh. Hope you’re alright and the police deal with it properly.

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