Get your gladrags on, it’s Friday night!

Hi all. Plans? None for me. No idea what to do.

Should I drink? Been off it for three weeks.

  • Go on
  • No

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Justice has been served in my recent mail theft though I feel like the code they’ve given me to order a replacement might just mean I can get everything in my basket for free. It’s tempting.

Fish cakes for dinner. Hermit weekend ahead.


I’m still at work because I work late on Friday nights, except this is the last one because I’m starting a new job in the new year and the rota is all scrambled next week. Wahey

Which English actor did I just see outside leeds Hilton ?

Just hung out with my three favourite boys. Cookie hid from me, Cloud let me stroke him and then got bored and ran in the wheel, Pickle was very naughty. He nibbled my jumper sleeve and tried to escape via the sandpit.

Need to finish an article before I log off for the evening. Spag bol for dinner, meh. Probably need to comfort my friend as she’s had a triggering day, very probably will watch 4 episodes of The West Wing, definitely will be asleep by 10pm.


I feel rough, m9s. Really hoping it isn’t Covid (LFTs are negative so hopefully just a cold).

About to eat steak for dinner though, so that’s good. Going to drink some more wine this evening. I should be doing PhD stuff but the chances of that are less than zero.

Martin Clunes?

Richard e grant

Just remembered he’s from eswatini

Is it a soap actor or a real one?

Adam Woodyatt

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Been browsing takeaway menus for about 40mins. Choice is a real pain the arse.

Pizza in the oven (those posh sourdough bases we were talking about a few weeks ago)


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What joy!!

One more vote for ‘go on’ and I’ll go to the shop!

How you feeling?

Generally or as in do I want to drink or not?

In general

Zero plans for tonight. Maybe another episode of Hawkeye on Disney +

And a beer. There’s a 12% stout in the fridge that I’ve been saving


I’ve got beer and flaming hot Doritos, also have some nik naks for later. RIP my stomach

Need to find something good to watch later or otherwise I’ll just be staring at the wall