Get Your Guns to start? Cosmopolitan up next? Not Everyone to follow?

You’d better believe you’re listening to Nine Black Alps’ 2005 debut Everything Is!


Good album IMO

Poor mans The Longcut

You’re a poor man’s The Longcut

Yeah, they do, it was a good post

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Manc Vines

My form teacher in secondary school was weirdly into them

Was he an otherwise rockin’ teacher?

If you’re asking if he was a nice man then yes he was

That is what I was asking, I am pleased to hear it.

Used to really like Nine Black Alps & The Longcut. Nine Black Alps headlined the BBC (I think it was the BBC) showcase at In The City with Forward, Russia & Arctic Monkeys supporting, really good night.

I thought there was someone on before Forward Russia that I missed can’t find anything confirming this.

Who remembers the band Brigade

It holds up

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Just realised its Alps not Apes