🥞 Get your pancakes out it's Tuesday evening 🥞


And also had two sweet - one with maple butter and one with choc spread.


Pancake day represent

Got to work ALL NIGHT tonight :cry: God why do i do this to myself. So anxious


I Shrove all night


Watching a program about how ice cream cnes are made. Theyre basically rolled crispy pancakes fyi


Findus crispy ice creams

Oh fuck, think my headliner is too ill to make it tomorrow and i have to be her stand in (very flattered but nooooooo) :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob: how can i learn all of this now too.

Might just…run away?

Over four hours (and counting) of commuting today due to the tube strike. I’m still on the inevitable very slow bus on the final leg of the journey home.

My sympathises aren’t with those striking today.

They’re shit and so are pancakes


I feel rubbish. Sore throat, headachey, sinusy etc. Took a latty flow at 6.30am this morning but it was negative so that’s good. Will do another test tomorrow if I don’t feel better.

No pancakes for me because I’m on my own and cba but I have got a fancy Waitrose pizza for dinner (mushroom, truffle and mascarpone!).

Yay! Pancakes!

I had some delicious mango mojito filling but the photo of that doesn’t look half as good as it tasted



VERY excited about pancakes

(Pancakes are basically just a vessel for me to shovel golden syrup into my mouth)


Pancakes are nice and good.

Im off to play on that shuffleboard on Thursday fyi

I want to make toad in the hole but the oven’s broken :frowning:

Only one thing for it - sausage pancakes!

Went to the dentist for the first time in 12 years earlier. Went fairly well. Going to order myself a pizza as a reward for being a big brave boy.


That sounds too weird.

Evening all!

We’ve had a brown tea of SF chicken and waffles along with some coleslaw for pretend vegetables.

None of it was that good and I’m quite sad about that.

I was meant to be at book club tonight but I thought it was tomorrow because they moved it from the usual Wednesday night. I’ve read the book and everything.

Poffertjes time!

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No pancakes for me sadly, but I did have an omelette for tea if that counts? It’s the same shape, at least.

Teriyaki chicken stir fry for dinner
Seeing Godfather in the cinema soon (got some :strawberry: strawberry laces :strawberry: for snackin’)
Need to write 5000 words by Friday, started the day with around 700, am now at about 1500, so…getting there…

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