Get your socks out get your socks out honey


Shake them now now hang them up on the line.

Sock chat (rolling)

I think this is for you @saps

How bland are your socks today?


This bland, sis.


Post can’t be empty


I put on my fanciest socks today just for you babe :kissing_heart:



Rocked these bad boys the other day


They are the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen :heart_eyes: AMAZING.

I want to see @shucks wearing these along with that spectacular christmas top he has. Imagine the overwhelmingness.


Was torn between this and;
“Take your socks off take your socks off honey, take them now now put them into the wash”


P.S. I like your Doc Martens (if that’s what they are).


They are indeed. Thanks! Excellent birthday present combo I received and wore immediately :slight_smile:


I suspect these are not your fanciest socks.

I like the rug. It’s so clean.


THANK YOU FOR SAYING! I bloomin’ well hand washed that bastard :smiley:


Nice creps witches.


Before I answer please tell me what creps means.



Haha!!! Thaaaanks JI. They are my swishy gym shoes :muscle:

This is a bit creepervine but I am in love with that retro adidas (I think) blue jumper you have. Gimme.


I can’t even tell if you’re definitely wearing socks there


Mine are black. Always black.

@Saps make it look like he’s bandaged up his ankles. @saps, how did the roof re-asphalting go?


Gym shoes are the best, so light, like wearing a pair of slippers.[quote=“AllOfThemWitches, post:16, topic:12375”]
that retro adidas (I think) blue jumper you have

Aww thanks pal, I absolutely adore that jumper. I bought it 10 years ago and it’s still the most comfortable thing I own.


Thanks for asking. It didn’t happen because it was raining. Next week probs.