Getting a job and that

So I’m due to start a new job. Obviously I have cited my previous employers, of which I have had 2 in thirteen years.

My new employer has outsourced the checks and I have came across a roadblock.

They’re asking for, for both employments, the first and last payslips, and job offer emails or letters.

There is no way I have the first payslips. I keep the current financial years’ ones, but nothing more.

This is overkill isn’t it.

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would think so. no way i have any of that stuff.

last payslip (as in the one i got a few days ago) i could probably find but nothing else


Is that even legal?
Seems ridiculous and an invasion of privacy too.


would the finance department of your old employer be able to send you a copy?



I get paid weekly and my payslips just get delievered to my work, I’ve probably taken home less than 10 in the 3 years I’ve been there. Definitely overkill.

Massive overkill. Refer them to the HR departments of both jobs and ask them to follow-up with them.


Not sure why they need my payslips tbqh. I get they need to check I’m not bullshitting but seriously, if I have my first payslip from 2007, I’d have all of them, which would be 270+ payslips.

The place I’m at now asked for one of my references. 3 months after I started. The reference they needed was from a person that actually worked in the organisation.
Just say to them, the good news is I haven’t kept 270+ payslips, like a psychopath! What do they need that for though, seriously? Your old employer should confirm your start and end date, they don’t need your pay history for that.

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Yeah this is massively invasive

That’s ridiculous. I’ve only had three employers (including the current one) since 2000 (2000-2006; 2006-2013; 2013-date). Plus the company I worked for in 2000 no longer exists in its current form.

Don’t most people bin off their payslips when they get their annual P60 anyway?

Maybe give them copies of the relevant P60s?

sounds like the referencing company is trying to get you to do their work for them. i’d just send them an email asking them to take it up with the HR department of each company. personally wouldn’t be comfortable sending them payslips anyway but I guess that’s your call.

I’m going through a nightmare with a reference company at the moment. Solidarity with you. My beef has been ongoing for about 5 months.

Outsourced checks are the worse, seconding anyone saying just put them in touch with the HR of the employer in question.

If it helps unless there’s a glaring red flag I’m not sure how much it matters as I had some things missing in my back check (because I was technically self employed for one of the jobs I worked for and there was certain documentation they didn’t have) and they still hired me anyway so :man_shrugging:

You keep more than one P60?

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