Getting better at performing and playing music thread

ADATB is actually one of his cleaner jams I think (not really listened to much of his stuff but one of my flatmates at uni used to play it)

Maybe a damper after the nut might help, but I also imagine it will be easier on a full sized guitar. IDK, though, as I say it was never really my thing, even the cleaner emo stuff grates on me a little.

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Do you get the same noise and extra notes if you tap really slowly? I think if your technique is good then you should have the same sound when slowed down as when you speed up and go for it full pelt.

Disclaimer: I am not particular good at tapping

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Got fed up of having such poor control over my left hand when trying to play piano, so started doing stuff I’d always avoided - practicing scales and arpeggios etc. Actually find it quite relaxing and a nice way to experiment with chord progressions and stuff.

Anyway, that led me to (belatedly) learning about the circle of fifths, which at first seemed very simple and a rather nice patten. But then I was reading about the “classic” chord progression of Am, Dm, G, C, F, Bdim, E, Am and I got completely confused. Am to Dm fine, but why then to G maj? C, F fine, but why then Bdim before E?

Thanks for taking the time to reply!

So yeah, I do understand how the scales work and the patterns for note intervals in maj / min scales. And I can see that all the chords in the progression I gave are in the key of Am, including the Bdim - but I just couldn’t really see how it was in accordance with the circle of fifths. In other examples of chord progressions they were stepping clockwise or anti-clockwise around the circle and it made perfect sense.

But what I think I we are saying is that this progression is stepping anti-clockwise from Am to Ebm, but we just swap out chords for the nearest approximation within our key. So Am and Dm are fine, but Gm has to become Gmaj, Cm has to become Cmaj, Bbm has to become Bdim etc.

haven’t played any of my instruments for ages gah so difficult to get back into it after falling out of it

From what I’ve understood, if you go from one chord to another chord adjacent to it in the circle (in either direction), it should sound quite smooth - whilst if you go directly to a chord several steps away it will sound quite jarring / dramatic (which might be a good thing or might not).

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Think everything is a 5th moving clockwise and a 4th moving anti clockwise.

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So I think if we start at Dm instead of Am you get

Dm > Gm > Cmaj > Fmaj > Bbmaj > Edim > Am > Dm

Oh but now I noticed that in the Am progression earlier that you play an E after the Bdim, and that includes a G# which isn’t in the key of Am but still sounds right.

Not sure I totally understand but I can hear that Am > Bdim > C > Dm > E > F > G#dim > Am works (although you can’t raise the G to a G# in the C chord to make a Caug)

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Mmm playing with these and sounds nice, although the Caug still sounds out of place to me whatever I do with it

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I’m feeling a bit of a confidence boost after the JAMuary thread atm. Making something, however small, every day has def made me appreciate what I can actually do, and it’s been a fun push to trying things I haven’t before (doing more on the Volca Modular! Writing lyrics!)


Don’t suppose someone can tell me what I’m meant to do here in the bits with 1 and 2 on them? Think the first time through I play the bit marked 1 then start from the beginning again and on the second time play the part marked 2 before carrying on?

Pretty much what you said. The first time you play the bar marked 1 and go back to the the repeated passage began, this might not be the very beginning, look for the symbols on the stave, as below.



I think maybe that is what was confusing me - there is no begin repeat section marked. Does this mean it is the beginning?

Think you can kind of do this with MuseScore?

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Yeah but it also has a built in piano roll, so you can visualise the music that way if you prefer. There are also places where you can just download midi files from, although I would guess some of them are probably in contravention of copyright laws possibly.

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Think there is something in beta, I get this when I log in:

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that keyboard in the thumbnail is really dope but surely it’s too small?

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You can set up your midi so that one of your computer keys or a footswitch hits that C

But yeah, bit of a mean design intention

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I was transcribing out Dramamine to keyboard and I was wondering, would it be normal to play the bass guitar line with left hand and the lead guitar with the right hand. As my brain thinks that’s a lot of work and quite full-on. I assume that wouldn’t be normal for a key player

reference below